Monday, 12 January 2009

Carreg Coetan Arthur, Newport, Pembrokeshire

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Here's another site in Pembrokeshire that I visited on one of the few days in July 2008 on which it didn't pour down with rain. Carreg Coetan Arthur is a Neolithic dolmen and is situated where you'd least expect it - next door to a couple of bungalows in a residential close in the small coastal town of Newport, North Pembrokeshire.

The juxtaposition of this ancient dolmen sitting amidst the 20th Century bungalows somehow seems to make it all the more magical. It's quite literally a little piece of our ancient history in someone's back yard!

To give you an idea of scale, in the next photo are my niece and nephew.

As you can see, it's nowhere as huge as Pentre Ifan, but it's still an impressive site and like that other dolmen its massive capstone seems to defy gravity, almost hanging in the air over the four upright stones.

Date visited: August 2008

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  1. Living in Wales, I know it well. In one of my archaeology books there are photographs of it including light anomalies, but nothing like that when I have visited. I think its position close to the river crossing is very significant. On an Archaeology field trip there, we found Mesolithic flints at the river's edge, so obviously an area much frequented for hunting wildlife in those days . . .